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Pabellón de Cristal, Recinto Ferial de la Casa de Campo. Av Principal 16, 28011 Madrid (Spain).


Date: 21th, 22th and 23th of November 2017.
Time: 10:00 to 18:30. 23th of November 10:00 to 15:00.


The exhibitors which can participate at MAMTV are all the companies, professionals or official organizations with industrial or commercial activities that are included on the topic of the event, that is to say, the sectors and products which will be the object of this event and also fulfil the perceptive legal requirements for the development of their activity. The companies interested on participation should fill in and send the application form.


The admission of the applicant company will be directly confirmed by the organization of MAMTV: Daró Media Group S.L. The organizer has full authority to refuse any application if the products or services do not adjust to the subject of the event or if it considers the applicant company does not fulfil the legal requirements mentioned on point 3 of these rules. In these cases together with the non-accepted application, the quantities paid for the reservation right will be returned. The decisions made by the organization are unappealable.


Fully equiped booth 9 m2 1.950 €
Fully equiped booth 18 m2 3.800 €
Meeting point 985 €

Included concepts

The price of MAMTV includes the hiring of the following services:

  • Registration feeds.
  • The rental of the space during the time of the exhibition, assembly and dismantling.
  • External sign of up to 20 letters.
  • The credential delivery for exhibitors and stand staff.
  • Insertion of contact details on the web, visitor guide and mobile app.
  • Carpet floor with plastic protector during the assembly.
  • Modular structure and walls.
  • Furniture rental (check conditions regarding the hired square meters)
  • Civil liability insurance.
  • General security service.
  • The use of the general services of the fair.
  • The general illumination of the pavilion.
  • Cleaning of the common spaces.


    VAT not included (for companies established on the Spanish territory, except Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla)

    For the rest of the companies VAT will not be applied.


    The organization will decide this matter. The factors involving the space allocation are: the application date as well as the number of hired square meters. The balance between the hired spaces and dimensions will be taken into account. Space allocation will not be effective until the participation contract has been correctly fulfilled and sent and the established deposit, according to the selected hiring, has been paid.

    Total or partial cession of the rights to third natural and/ or legal persons is not allowed. Stands presenting different goods to the ones declared will lose the right to use the allocated spaces and the right to refund and compensation. If a stand wants to renounce to the participation at MAMTV it should notify in writing its decision to the organizer. The renounces received during the last two months before the event will lose the advanced payments.


    All payments invoiced should be settled before the 15th of September of 2017.
    The payment process is the following:

  • For the reservation 30% of the hired amount should be paid. Always before the 15th of July of 2017. The rest of the hired amount must be paid before the 15th of September.

  • The reservation will be completed once the payment has been received.

  • The exhibitor will pay the hired services reflected in the contract according to the agreed deadlines and conditions. The additional services requested by the exhibitor (additional illumination, electric power, additional furniture and cleaning of the stand, etc) will be paid through a hiring form of the additional products with a payment deadline that will end the 15th of September of 2017.

  • The essential requirement is to pay these amounts during the mentioned period, otherwise the participant in any case will not be able to occupy the allocated space on the exhibition and its stand will not be mounted.

  • The organization of MAMTV has the right to forbid the entry or remove the goods of those stands which have pending payments with the organization, after the closing hour (last day) of the event. The total liquidation of the expenses produced by each exhibitor will be an essential condition to remove the products, furniture, equipment and installations from the occupied stand.

  • If the payments are not settled during the established deadlines, the participant will lose all the rights on the reserved spaces, as well as the quantities paid, and MAMTV could even assign the reserved spaces to other companies or even use them for their own products.


    It is completely forbidden to nail, drill or do any kind of action that can cause flaws on the stand panel or complementary elements rented to MAMTV. All damages will be repaired and the organization may reserve the right to charge the cost to the exhibitor. The positioning of signs, logos or advertising elements on the external part of the stands is forbidden. Any advertising or ornamental variation can be done on the inside part of the stand, although without surpassing in any case the height of it (3.00 metres) or using the existing columns. Remember that all the stand decorative materials have to be fireproof.


  • The stand will be completely finished on the 20th of November of 2017 and from this moment the ornament placement can begin.

  • The occupation of the space will not be authorized nor will the stand be delivered in the case of a prefabricated stand if the total amount of the hired space has not been paid.

  • The stand dismantling will take place the 23th of November from 3:30 pm.

  • The storage of packing during the fair is totally forbidden for security reasons.


  • In order to remove the goods it will be essential to present the exit sheet sent by the Management department. The total liquidation of the additional costs produced by the stand during the event will be an essential condition to remove the material (furniture, objects and installations) from its space.

  • The exhibitors which ask for it will have a permission issued by the direction of MAMTV for the entry / exit of objects and materials during the event. The entry / exit of these materials and objects should be done daily from 9:00 to 9:30 am.


    The organization of MAMTV will hire a civil liability, fire risk and explosion insurance for all the stands. The organization shall not be responsible for the damages caused to the goods placed by the exhibitors as a consequence of theft, robbery or riot. The exhibitor will be ultimately responsible for its goods.


    In order to safeguard the interests of all and each one on the exhibitors, photographs, recordings and sketches of the samples exposed are forbidden. In case of infraction, the organizer has the faculty to confiscate the corresponding negatives or sketches. Any type of sound system in the stands is forbidden (TV, video, radio, audio, etc.) without the previous knowledge and consent of the organizer. The maximum measure of sound allowed is of 60 db at a minimum distance of 1m of the stand limits. The distribution of advertising material of the non-exhibitor companies will not be authorized, even if they are contributors or usual suppliers of the exhibitor. The organization can remove from the stands all materials which do not respect these rules. The exhibitor will be allowed to distribute advertising material and perform public attraction actions in the corridor area of its stand. The distribution of material outside this area will not be authorized not even in the external access to the fair or the entries. The exhibitors will be allowed to perform promotional actions or interchanges among them, if they do not contradict any of the present participation rules. The exhibitor has the right to denounce to the organization any kind of promotional activity developed by non-exhibiting people or companies in the event.


    The organization of MAMTV may reserve the right to reduce, extend, delay or cancel the event in case of special circumstances or force majeure causes, without any possible compensation for the exhibitors.


    For all the things which have not been foreseen in these participation rules of MAMTV, the rules of the professional fair regulation will be applied. The participation at MAMTV means, for the exhibitor, the acceptance and fulfilment of all and each one of the points mentioned in the participation rules, as well as the general rules of the organization.


    In accordance with the article 5 of the Law 15/1999 of December 13th related to personal data information´s protection, that regulates the right of information collection; the personal information of the petitioner obtained through the present contract will be incorporated into a data file property of Daró Media Group S.L., and registered at AGPD, with the purpose of managing his participation as exhibitor in MAMTV and keeping him informed about related events and own or third parties products and services by mail, email or another mean of communication. Daró Media Group S.L. guarantees the confidentiality of the information provided due to this contract process, duty extensive to its employees and collaborators extensive. This obligation of confidentiality will be valid even after the end of the contract. The petitioner will be able to exercise his rights of access, rectification, deletion and cancellation of his personal information, according to the established in the current legislation on protection of personal information, by writing to the following address: Calle Pollensa 2, oficina 14, 28290 Las Rozas (Spain) or by e-mail

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